Congressional staff are invited to attend

Transparency Made Easy: How to Make the Government More Open and Accountable

Topics for discussion: * Contractor performance oversight * Access to federal court records (PACER) * Online access to Congressional Ethics Information

Tuesday, June 22 from 2-3:15 Rayburn 2203

Panelists: Bill Allison, Editorial Director, Sunlight Foundation Scott Amey, General Counsel, Project on Government Oversight Harlan Yu, Center for Information Technology at Princeton Moderator: Daniel Schuman, Director, Advisory Committee on Transparency

Organized by: The Advisory Committee on Transparency A project of the Sunlight Foundation

All congressional staff are welcome to attend. There will be a brief introduction, an overview of the issues by the invited panelists, and a group discussion that will address your questions and concerns.

If you would like to receive notices of future discussions, or to RSVP, email ACT(at)

The purpose of the Advisory Committee on Transparency is to share ideas with Members of the Congressional Transparency Caucus and educate policymakers on transparency-related issues, problems, and solutions.

Visit for more information

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