Here is a look at what happened yesterday on the Sunlight network.

  • Ellen Miller introduced Poligraft, a new tool from the Sunlight Foundation that allows you to see all the money and influence connections in a news story or press release. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Daniel Schuman wants the public to be granted bulk assess to THOMAS legislative data. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Paul Blumenthal ran down the many ethics-related news stories from yesterday. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • The head of the now-defunct lobbying firm PMA Group was indicted for making illegal campaign donations. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • The New York Times editorialized against gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Noah Kunin discussed what he learned from the liberal Netroots Nation and conservative RightOnline conferences. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Use Politiwidgets to highlight campaign contributions, contact information, and more for members of Congress. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Tom Lee discussed some of the technical issues with putting data online and working with it. (Sunlight Labs)
  • Party Time looked at the attendees of a golf tournament fundraiser for Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA). (Party Time)
  • Take a look at the previous days transparency-related news items, congressional committee hearings, transparency-related bills introduced in Congress, and transparency related events. (The Open House Project)

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