Here is a look at what happened recently ontheSunlightnetwork.

  • Bill Allison included another roundup of daily disclosures. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Nancy Watzman reported on life in the swing state of Colorado, noting the campaign ads aired during her morning television. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Bill Allison reported that the Follow the Unlimited Money tool passed the $400 million mark. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Zubedah Nanfuka included a roundup of bloggers, focusing on a new website to help improve ethics and one on the defense of public record. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Nancy Watzman commented on the American Action Network’s lack of spending reports to the Federal Election Commission after planning to drop $1.5 million into Colorado’s seventh congressional district. (Sunlight Reporting Group)
  • Ryan Sibley reported that the National Education Association Advocacy Fund, a Super PAC which has spent over $4 million in the 2010 election cycle so far, receives all of it’s funding from the National Education Association. (Sunlight Reporting Group)
  • Keenan Steiner commented on the dozens of fundraisers since June for House Republicans in the best position to jockey to become committee chairs in a GOP takeover. (Party Time Blog)
  • Take a look at the previousdays transparency-related news items, congressional committee hearings, transparency-related bills introducedinCongress, and transparency related events. (The Open House Project)

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