Heres an abbreviated look at important transparency news stories. Full blogging will resume tomorrow.

  • A look ahead for the last week of the 111th Congress (The Hill)
  • Incoming GOP freshmen put hands out at fundraisers (Washington Post)
  • DOJ closes investigation into Rep. Jerry Lewis without taking action (New York Times)
  • Federal employee salaries become political target (New York Times)
  • Government orders non-cleared federal employees away from reading classified documents published by Wikileaks. (New York Times); Senators unveil anti-leaks legislation (The Hill)
  • Facebook: whats next? (60 Minutes); staffing up DC lobbying shop (Washington Post)
  • Mini-profile of H. Majority-whip designate Kevin McCarthy (Roll Call)
  • Questions about the S. Democratic Policy Committees role in the next congress (Roll Call)
  • H. Republicans increasingly unlikely to axe the Appropriations Committees Subcommittee on the Legislative Branch (Roll Call)
  • Salaries of watchdog chiefs (Roll Call)
  • Festivus fundraiser? (Politico)
  • GSA moves to Google-like email system, likely the first of many agencies to do so (Washington Post)
  • List of single issue reviews conducted by OGE (Government Attic)
  • Effort to pass 100 parks and lands bills in omnibus package (Politico)

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