Here is a look at what happened yesterday on the Sunlight network.

  • Paul Blumenthal began the day with several transparency related headlines including highlighting the new AP survey that showed obstacles to state government transparency, news that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking lobbying transparency, and more. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Paul Blumenthal detailed Congress’ lax employment negotiation rules for current congressmen and staff. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • John Wonderlich reminded readers of the Advisory Committee on Transparency event on the Hill. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Ellen Miller kicked off Sunshine Week by highlighting a report from the National Security Archive and the Knight Foundation that finds only 49 of 90 agencies have adopted “concrete steps” to improve their responsiveness to Freedom of Information Act requests. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Paul Blumenthal cited the former legislators who have moved on to the lobbying practice, highlighting former Reps. Steve Buyer and Ron Klein and former Senator Larry Craig. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Nicko Margolies included photos from the Advisory Committee on Transparency event. (Sunlight Foundation Blog)
  • Nancy Watzman reported on the lack of data on overdraft fees, noting the lack of government data on how the ban on mandatory overdraft protection has changed banks’ bottom lines. (Sunlight Reporting Group)
  • Tom Lee highlighted LexPop, a program that is trying to write a state law from start to finish and allowing citizens unto the legislative process to a greater degree. (Sunlight Labs Blog)
  • Patrick Simmons blogged on the St. Patrick’s Day themed fundraisers taking place for lawmakers. (Party Time Blog)
  • Take a look at the previous day’s transparency-related news items, congressional committee hearings, transparency-related bills introduced in Congress, and transparency related events. (Transparency Caucus Blog)

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