Here is Monday’s look at the week’s transparency-related news items, congressional committee hearings, transparency-related bills introduced in Congress, and transparency-related events.

News Roundup:

  • After the disaster in Japan, energy companies in the United States are urging lawmakers to visit their local nuclear power plants to find reassurance that the plants are safe and capable of withstanding disasters. Roll Call $
  • A new OMB Watch report provides an in-depth analysis of the transparency of the Obama Administration. OMB Watch
  • The Associated Press says that despite promises of dedication to transparency from the Obama Administration, the AP still “grapples with many of the same frustrating roadblocks and head-scratching inconsistencies” as during the Bush Administration. Associated Press
  • Two SEC congressional overseers are questioning the impartiality and accuracy of a report compiled by the Boston Consulting Group and released last week by SEC Chairman Mary L. Schapiro. Washington Post
  • A Roll Call analysis found that over a dozen current Members failed to include personal loans that they contributed to their campaigns on their financial disclosure reports. Roll Call $
  • The Pentagon has proposed amending federal regulations to endorse using more contracts with price ceilings in an attempt to cut costs. Washington Post
  • The America Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council honored seven of the most innovative federal Information Technology programs during the annual Excellence.Gov Awards luncheon last week. Federal Computer Week
  • Politicians have begun turning to Quora, testing the question and answer site for its usefulness in the political realm. Tech President
  • Opinion: John Dearie opines that the key to successfully reforming the Federal Reserve is to broaden its mandate, not narrow it. Politico

Relevant committee hearings scheduled for 3/21-3/25:

  • None. House and Senate not in session.

Relevant bills introduced:

  • None. House and Senate not in session.

Transparency events scheduled for 3/21-3/25:

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