The Advisory Committee on Transparency is hosting its fourth webinar on Monday, November 8th, at 11:00 am ET via Zoom.

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Instead of the traditional panel discussion about a certain topic or issue, this event aims to bring together transparency experts from across the political spectrum to present various issues of high importance. Each presenter will get five minutes to discuss their topic in a PowerPoint format — with each slide taking 30 seconds or less.

Presenters include:

  • Walter Shaub, Senior Ethics Fellow, Project On Government Oversight
    • Topic: The need to create a government ethics records database.
  • Erica Newland, Counsel, Protect Democracy
    • Topic: Congressional oversight and congressional lawyering as transparency issues.
  • Tom Susman, DC Open Government Coalition
    • Topic: Increasing access to Legislative Branch information.
  • Corinna Turbes, Policy Director, Data Coalition
    • Topic: Spending transparency initiatives included in the passage of the DATA Act/GREAT Act, and the CBJT Act.
  • Ryan Mulvey, Policy Counsel, Americans For Prosperity Foundation
    • Topic: FOIA caselaw developments in SCOTUS and circuits
  • Anna Massoglia, Investigative Researcher, OpenSecrets
    • Topic: Transparency around foreign money in U.S. elections.
  • Freddy Martinez, Policy Analyst, Open The Government
    • Topic: FOIA and reform efforts.
  • Reynold Schweickhardt, Senior Advisor, Lincoln Network
    • Topic: TBD
  • Moderator: Ginger McCall, Legal Director, Demand Progress

About the Advisory Committee on Transparency: Democracy is dependent upon a transparent, accountable, and effective government. The Advisory Committee on Transparency is a decade-old effort to educate policymakers on transparency-related issues, problems, and solutions and shares ideas with members of the Congressional Transparency Caucus. It hosts events to discuss important and wide-ranging transparency policy issues with experts from a variety of backgrounds and develops educational publications and provides timely information to the public and members of Congress.

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